Repair Disclaimer

Repairs are carried out at the owner's risk, and we cannot be liable for any underlying faults that manifest itself as a result of a repair being carried out. All faults on the item must be made clear before repair commences as we will not be held responsible for item faults we are not told about at the time of the repair. Some liquid damaged phones or physically damaged phones, e.g., cracked screens appear to be working, and when the technician works on the phone to change parts, cleans and flushes the phone it removes the short circuit and may result in the phone no longer powering up, or it may cause other parts of the phone to stop working. It is the customer responsibility to back up all their data. We shall not be made liable for any data lost while attempting to repair your physically damaged phone or liquid damaged phone. We only hold responsibility relating to the repaired job carried out e.g., the customer cannot blame us for a physical damage phone, unknown liquid damage phones or any unknown software issues that are caused unexpectedly by the customer – we are only liable for the parts and repair job when completed. We are a company that has repaired many damage phones successfully. Our success rate for physically damaged phones is 99.7%, but we cannot be held responsible for what happens when we take part in repairing damaged phones.

All repair sales are final.

We offer a 3 Months Warranty for all repairs. If the screen is not functioning correctly, we will replace it for free. Screen needs to be in the same condition as installed and not broken for warranty to apply.